Flying Spoon

Flying Spoon specialises in engagement solutions.
As a service provider, we offer everything from content development to technical delivery from a single source.

And the winner is...

TÜV SÜD with their health campaign around the game "Guardian for Life", which we at Flying Spoon developed together with our partner Ketchum Germany. At this award, we had the opportunity to present the project in front of a jury of six people in eight minutes. This gave us the chance to duly highlight the success of the campaign.

We all had a good feeling about the award ceremony and assumed that we would be pretty cool when the winner was announced. No way! Like a little boy receiving his desired Christmas present, our Ingo Opitz screamed or rather squealed. That was surprising. Our joy about the recognition for our work was overwhelming!

We, at Flying Spoon, were responsible for the overall game development, hosting, distribution and monitoring based on the in-house BOOX playable content learning platform for this innovative approach.

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Have a spoon full of Sabre Award!

Award season is here, so we are! Our partner Ketchum received a Sabre Award in the category "Superior Achievement in Measurement and Evaluation" with an entertaining multiuser online training program, "Subsidiary of the Future" for MSD Sharp & Dohme.

And we, Flying Spoon was responsible on software development, hosting, distribution and monitoring based on the in-house BOOX learning platform for gameable content for this innovative approach. We are pleased to develop such a great and successful tool that makes learning varied and entertaining with our innovative partner Ketchum.

Also with the PR AWARD is spooned along diligently!

We at Flying Spoon are as proud as punch, as the Berliners like to say, to be shortlisted for this year's PR Award. "Staffbase Award - internal communication". With the help of gamification, we convey learning content based on a retro game in the form of a parallax sidescroller.

In a playful and unobtrusive way, we were able to convey a lot of medically proven information to the employees and motivate them to order a cancer screening kit. The campaign managed to increase the number of orders by 20% compared to the previous year.
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Our mission goal is to create a way of conveying knowledge and learning content through software using game mechanics and thus to promote the fun of learning through exciting and entertaining challenges.

Flying Spoon`s focus is on providing technologies and tools in the form of a platform that - even without advanced technological and didactic knowledge - makes it easy for clients to realise their ideas.
This platform can be used for communication, learning and information transfer as well as for PR, marketing and sales purposes.


  • The client can focus completely on the content of his communication goals.
  • Full cost control with minimal technical effort for the customer. All IT costs are included in the "full service", which also includes the complete technical infrastructure if desired.
  • No or minimal integration effort, as it can be published on the intranet and internet in just a few steps.
  • Extreme agility in execution, real-time content adjustments and delivery.
  • Can be used in analogue and digital media.

We deliver the content in any form to the end devices of the desired addressees.

You do the Content, we do the rest!

Our customers are agencies and companies from the SME sector and international enterprises.
They pursue a wide variety of goals.

For example:

  • Communicating values to employees and PR
  • Change management in the structuring of own processes
  • Promotion of employer branding with the aim of increasing employee identification.
  • Awareness in the market through high-profile and contemporary campaigns
  • Promotion of employees and visibility in the skilled employee market (HR)
  • Product launches
  • Increase loyalty and commitment of the customer base and employees

We offer you the workshop, for your communication goals!

The boundaries to Learnification are fluid. The focus of our software is not on playing games. We use popular and current game mechanics to convey information and knowledge. In this way, learning success can be achieved while experiencing.

Learnification and gamification can be used excellently to provide an entertaining experience, but with a clear learning and also certification strategy.

Learnification is a strong part of any product. And it can be used to a greater or lesser extent, depending on the requirements.

See: Added value for the customer - agility!

Gameable Content is not a game, it is scalable relationship management!

There are various providers of technical platforms or partial solutions.

  • API Frameworks (High effort for development and integration)
  • Serious Games (Developers and advertising game providers)
  • Various "Programmatic Marketing" consultants
  • Communication agencies (providers of strategies and concepts, but production and delivery are carried out by third parties)

They all have one thing in common: they do not offer a holistic solution.

That is what makes Flying Spoon unique.

Our unique selling point is therefore the platform that combines all the individual components mentioned above. It consists of various modules and services that can be activated or deactivated at any time depending on requirements. And it is continuously being expanded and improved.

Precisely because of this, it is not an unmanageable or unmanageable technology behemoth. The customer receives a solution-oriented and user-friendly software instead of a server technology that is time-consuming to administer.

The customer gets everything from a single source.

In project development, this means that there is no piecemeal construction consisting of trades that are difficult to coordinate with dozens of individual invoices.

Areas that we cannot cover "in-house" are supplemented by our long-standing partners in communication, advertising and didactics. Our goal and our claim is to fulfil our customers' requirements one hundred percent!

See: Added value for the customer - no infrastructure costs - full cost control

With this focus, we have realised many exciting projects. The proof of our success can be seen in the fact that the majority of our clients have also chosen Flying Spoon for further projects.

Take a look at our REFERENCES and examples of successful PROJECTS.

Seeing is believing...